Wat Chong Klang Project Kickstarter

Judy Jensen Kickstarter 2013April 7th – May 6th

Pledge awards included patches embroidered with the Wat Chong Klang Project logo, inclusion in private catered VIP party, paintings on glass, and an all-inclusive guided tour in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. FUNDED AT 118% on May 7, with late pledges still coming in, months later….thank you!

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Wat Chong Klang Project

Jensen Thai Glass Paintings KickstarterJensen is currently working on a project replacing Burmese glass paintings, destroyed in an earthquake, in an early 19th-century Buddhist temple in Thailand. The temple’s collection of 180 glass paintings depict the life and incarnations of the Buddha. The first 8 paintings will be delivered and installed in November 2013.