Judy Jensen Portrait

Jensen respectfully barefoot while working on a project in Wat Chong Klang, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.

Jensen has exhibited widely. Solo venues include: eight exhibits with New York’s Heller Gallery, the Galveston Arts Center, and The Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts. Group exhibitions include Gerald Peters Gallery in New York, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Atlanta’s High Museum, the New Delhi Biennale, Chicago’s Navy Pier, The Detroit Institute of Arts, and The Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art in Japan.

An NEA Fellowship Grant recipient, her works are in numerous public and private collections, including the Royal Ontario Museum, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, McDonald’s Corporate Art Collection, and the Washington Art Consortium. From 2003-2013, Jensen worked almost exclusively on commissions.

Since 2013, Jensen has been involved in a project replacing glass paintings, destroyed in an earthquake, in a 19th-century Buddhist temple in Thailand. The paintings depict the Buddha’s life and previous incarnations. In 2013, she was awarded a grant in support of the project from Bangkok’s James H.W. Thompson Foundation. In 2014, she was designated Creative Ambassador to Thailand by the City of Austin. Lectures about the project include Bangkok’s National Museum,  The Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage in Bangkok, and Northern Illinois University (through the Centers for Southeast Asian and Burma Studies.)